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Atlant is having a desert tasting for Fabien Estéban but he doesn't want just chocolate and strawberries. He want's to taste his lips too and get that torso covered with chocolate and whipped cream while his cock is covered with custard. Greg Diesel and Jessy Dog get impatient and call him into the kitchen. They join in the gourmet orgy where…

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5 dudes are shooting pool. But the sticks and balls give way to certain ideas. Licking the cue sticks leads to sucking some serious cock!…

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2 scenes for the price of 1! See this very heavy load: a bus chartered by a group of Czech students who are very sportive and crazy about…

  • 45 minutes
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2 guys are shooting pool. Soon a superb North African stud with a dazzling body joins them. Of course, things get kinda crazy. And just…

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After putting the croissants in the oven, a coupe of bakers and their apprentice (See The Apprentice's Ass) are going to go for some more…

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While Trystan plays with Bruce in the pool, 5 guys are getting hot on the side. Seeing the occasion, they get out of the pool. Without…

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7 friends having drinks in the sunshine. Steeve and Samir are having a water fight and run around the house. Their friends jump in and…

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Marc, muscular and 50 has a horsecock and is being auditioned for a part! When he bumps into a pair of dudes, the filming becomes an orgy!…

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Un groupe de mecs qui dialogue sur Internet décide de ce donner rendez pour un «sexe squat» ..... un pavillon abandonné, du plâtre,…

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After a hard day on the beat, 3 cops (Jess, Enzo and Fred) are going to go have a few drinks. On fire, Jess takes on a twink in the back. Fred, the rookie, gets down on his knees in front of his superior Enzo and gets a throat load of cop cock. This fiery quartet are going to get down to some serious suck and fuck! Enzo plugs the rookie and makes…

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Max a décidé de passer un week end en Belgique : à Bruxelles. Tristan, un bogosse du coin, lui fera rencontrer d'autres mecs dans son…

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C'est au sex club "Le Block" que Berry Prod a tourné ces plaisirs multiples. 12 bogosses se donnent sans retenue. Ils sont sveltes,…

  • 78 minutes
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Ce film de sublimes minets de l'Est regroupe 4 scènes plus bandes les unes que les autres. Tout simplement un de nos meilleurs film,…

  • 95 minutes
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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to get on his…

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