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After a hard day on the beat, 3 cops (Jess, Enzo and Fred) are going to go have a few drinks. On fire, Jess takes on a twink in the back. Fred, the rookie, gets down on his knees in front of his superior Enzo and gets a throat load of cop cock. This fiery quartet are going to get down to some serious suck and fuck! Enzo plugs the rookie and makes…

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With a full pair of testicles these jailbirds are edgy. For the littlest excuse, they make each other pay with their ass whatever he owes!…

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7 friends having drinks in the sunshine. Steeve and Samir are having a water fight and run around the house. Their friends jump in and…

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A stranger sneaks into a campground and starts to nose around the tents. A couple of campers catch him and throw him to the ground. Angel…

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4 pals spend an afternoon playing ping pong. They're having a blast but Evan has a better idea. Between 2 serves, he kisses Kevin. The 4…

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4 hot Twinks get together in their skivvies on a bed to play some cards. Whoever wins a round gets to truth-or-dare someone. Of course, it…

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What do you do when you're bored with your pals in the middle of the day? Why not propose a bit of strip poker? You lose at cards, you lose…

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Marc, muscular and 50 has a horsecock and is being auditioned for a part! When he bumps into a pair of dudes, the filming becomes an orgy! First they suck big time then some asses get the cock treatment of a lifetime! Marc is going to drive these 2 sluts crazy with his horsecock!

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5 Frenchmen between the ages of 18 and 25 are by the pool at a camp site. A couple of hands get frisky and the bathing trunks just can't…

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All sorts of things happening in Nice! In a Sex shop basement, a quartet are going to fuck & suck in constant rotation. Blowjobs, 69ing...…

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While Trystan plays with Bruce in the pool, 5 guys are getting hot on the side. Seeing the occasion, they get out of the pool. Without…

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A couple of North African dudes, Mourad and Kamel, are going to orgy up with Mathieu, who is built like a dream and a super hot slut to…

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A volunteer who's going to get banged dizzy by 6 other dudes? Pedro can already feel his ass start to sizzle. There's a date tonight. A…

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When you pass Robbie's red van on the road, it's synonymous with Electro music in nature! It's also the occasion to have a fuck quartet in…

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