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With a full pair of testicles these jailbirds are edgy. For the littlest excuse, they make each other pay with their ass whatever he owes! For a lame excuse, one of the guys gets tackled by five. He's going to get a cock parade up his ass while his mouth sucks away at all that moves. Once he's gotten his first round of punishment, he's going to…

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Nothing like spending the afternoon hanging in the sun warmed pool. For these friends, their swim trunks aren't going to hide any objects of desire for very long! One has a XXL size cock and is going to use it on a childhood friend's ass! Soon its…

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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to get on his knees and they get out their cocks! He obediently gets his lips around the whole squads hoses, especially the…

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4 pals spend an afternoon playing ping pong. They're having a blast but Evan has a better idea. Between 2 serves, he kisses Kevin. The 4 dudes drop their rackets and put their hand's on each other's crotches. They start to suck, finger, lick... Full…

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Sébastien and Arnaud go to Eric and Ryan's for lunch. Eric asks Arnaud to show him his latest tatt on his ass. Arnaud drops his pants and his boxers and is suddenly naked in front of his friends. Eric is within hand's reach of his pal's cock. He…

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A 5 man orgy has begun on a set of mattresses and the quintet of cock is navigating from mouth to mouth! The hormones are boiling over and there's a bunch of wide open asses to be filled. The boys are going to swap fuck each other around in every direction imaginable. There's some fat cock about and boy does it hurt good! Soon, a cum tsunami is…

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After Valentin has treated all the boys in the hood like whores, a couple of the lads are ready for revenge. Asleep & naked in bed, 4 dudes pull him out and lay him down on his stomach and spread his legs. First they start to finger that splendid…

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Discover this amazing orgy! In a place the locals call "The Dungeon", 10 hard & huge cocked guys between 23 & 50 are going to fuck like there's no tomorrow! These cock hungry asses are going to get a barebacking bombardment! To take it further,…

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To celebrate their exams, 8 young Russians invite their professor to a little party. They have champagne and caviar and then when everyone has had enough to drink, they start daring one another to do stuff: Take off a shirt, kiss your neighbor, lick…

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After pumping his 7 friends and his professor, the guy in the middle gets the royal treatment for his ass. These dudes are exploding with hormones! 1 starts to slide his cock into his ass. Then another steps up and goes to the races. Then a third…

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This last part is a veritable exposition of cumshots! The ass fucking gets downright intense and the turnover is getting out of hand! The guy in the middle happily gets plowed over and over again by all of his friends. Soon, they just can't handle…

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5 dudes are shooting pool. But the sticks and balls give way to certain ideas. Licking the cue sticks leads to sucking some serious cock! The game gets crazy! The twinks all get to sucking and fingering one another. Cocks are hard and asses all…

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Take a hotel swimming pool with a jacuzzi. Throw in 4 hard-body, hotties just like Med who likes to give and receive or Jérémyh who's pierced up to the gills and passively takes whatever we give him. To add to the fun, a couple of inflatable…

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2 scenes for the price of 1! See this very heavy load: a bus chartered by a group of Czech students who are very sportive and crazy about fucking. In this part, you will see 4 dudes form 2 couples of very muscular and well-hung twinks. They are…

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