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Now on to more serious things into the second half of our sneaker soirée! In the TX basement, Jee, Mourad and Tony are having a suck and…

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Don't miss this 100% French amateur film where a 21 year old accepts to be filmed blindfolded and tied up while 4 other well hung amateurs…

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Once his ass is open, Manu is going to get it plowed by an Arab stud with a horse cock! His tight ass is wide open and even the biggest cocks have no worry getting inside! They punish that hairless ass with big time cock thrusts. Then they group up and cover his Twinks face full of cum! This is a rare French orgy video signed by Frenchmaster and…

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What do you do when you're bored with your pals in the middle of the day? Why not propose a bit of strip poker? You lose at cards, you lose…

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While watching a soccer match 4 dudes run out of beer. Stéphane has to make up for a lot of bad vibes and soon lets his foot fetish hang…

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After a hard day on the beat, 3 cops (Jess, Enzo and Fred) are going to go have a few drinks. On fire, Jess takes on a twink in the back.…

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With a full pair of testicles these jailbirds are edgy. For the littlest excuse, they make each other pay with their ass whatever he owes!…

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Nothing like spending the afternoon hanging in the sun warmed pool. For these friends, their swim trunks aren't going to hide any objects of desire for very long! One has a XXL size cock and is going to use it on a childhood friend's ass! Soon its just sucking and fucking all over the place! Vintage Comme des Anges footage!

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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to get on his…

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Take a hotel swimming pool with a jacuzzi. Throw in 4 hard-body, hotties just like Med who likes to give and receive or Jérémyh who's…

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4 pals spend an afternoon playing ping pong. They're having a blast but Evan has a better idea. Between 2 serves, he kisses Kevin. The 4…

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Sébastien and Arnaud go to Eric and Ryan's for lunch. Eric asks Arnaud to show him his latest tatt on his ass. Arnaud drops his pants and…

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Il fait chaud... vraiment très chaud au bord de la piscine ! Toute la chambre d'hôtes y est réunie, des clients aux patrons en passant…

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A 5 man orgy has begun on a set of mattresses and the quintet of cock is navigating from mouth to mouth! The hormones are boiling over and…

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