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Don't miss this 100% French amateur film where a 21 year old accepts to be filmed blindfolded and tied up while 4 other well hung amateurs…

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Once his ass is open, Manu is going to get it plowed by an Arab stud with a horse cock! His tight ass is wide open and even the biggest…

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What do you do when you're bored with your pals in the middle of the day? Why not propose a bit of strip poker? You lose at cards, you lose…

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While watching a soccer match 4 dudes run out of beer. Stéphane has to make up for a lot of bad vibes and soon lets his foot fetish hang…

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After a hard day on the beat, 3 cops (Jess, Enzo and Fred) are going to go have a few drinks. On fire, Jess takes on a twink in the back. Fred, the rookie, gets down on his knees in front of his superior Enzo and gets a throat load of cop cock. This fiery quartet are going to get down to some serious suck and fuck! Enzo plugs the rookie and makes…

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With a full pair of testicles these jailbirds are edgy. For the littlest excuse, they make each other pay with their ass whatever he owes!…

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Nothing like spending the afternoon hanging in the sun warmed pool. For these friends, their swim trunks aren't going to hide any objects…

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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to get on his…

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Take a hotel swimming pool with a jacuzzi. Throw in 4 hard-body, hotties just like Med who likes to give and receive or Jérémyh who's…

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4 pals spend an afternoon playing ping pong. They're having a blast but Evan has a better idea. Between 2 serves, he kisses Kevin. The 4…

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Sébastien and Arnaud go to Eric and Ryan's for lunch. Eric asks Arnaud to show him his latest tatt on his ass. Arnaud drops his pants and…

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Il fait chaud... vraiment très chaud au bord de la piscine ! Toute la chambre d'hôtes y est réunie, des clients aux patrons en passant par le cuisiner. Au total, ce sont 5 bogosses français qui ne parviennent plus à contenir leurs triques dans leurs maillots de bain ! L'irrésistible Léo Helios va faire une démonstration magistrale de ses…

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A 5 man orgy has begun on a set of mattresses and the quintet of cock is navigating from mouth to mouth! The hormones are boiling over and…

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After Valentin has treated all the boys in the hood like whores, a couple of the lads are ready for revenge. Asleep & naked in bed, 4 dudes…

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